Factors considered as part of the investigation included:

  • environmental setting;
  • mining and processing methods and feasibility;
  • mine life;
  • mine ramp-up duration;
  • capital expenditure;
  • utility supply, such as water, gas and power;
  • rail access;
  • mineral and surface rights; and,
  • operation safety.

 The next steps will be:

  • the review of the environmental assessment approval and the Feasibility Report by the Yancoal Board
  • the Financial Investment Decision by the Yancoal Board

These two critical pieces, the feasibility report and the environmental approval, will play a significant role during the Yancoal Board’s decision on whether or not to proceed with the project, as well as the local investment climate and community support.  The Financial Investment Decision (FID) is anticipated for the 2nd half of 2016.

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