Opportunity for Input- Download PDF

The community involvement plan now is opening for public input. If you have any comment or concerns, please contact info@yancoal.ca

Project Q1-2018 Update- Download PDF

Hello, here is the community involvement plan Q1-2018 update, thank you.

Together we can build something to be proud of.


The success of a company is directly linked to its ability to communicate with the local communities


that will be required to support the development of projects.



Core Values

We act with integrity and respect and conduct ourselves in a mindful manner with a solution-orientated approach.






Yancoal Canada strives to achieve a win-win situation through building and maintaining a harmonious relationship with local communities during the construction, operation and reclamation of the Southey Mine.



We are committed to building an environmentally friendly potash mine to support sustainable development on a global scale.   





Yancoal Canada believes growing in an inclusive and sustainable manner; fully utilizing the advantage of Saskatchewan’s industry expertise, innovative minds, and proven experience.

  • Recognize and utilize the province’s over 60 years of experience as a leading potash producer;
  • Make full use of the parent company’s advanced mining and chemical production technology, global marketing network, and international operating experience; and
  • Focus on SUSTAINABILITY , in terms of environment, community and economy. Yancoal Canada is respectful and shows gratitude to the environment and communities that support the project.

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